小川 周佑(Shusuke Ogawa)






Shusuke Ogawa

Born in Kanagawa. Graduated The University of Tokyo (Faculty of letters) . Documentary photographer, writer.

During his days in university, Shusuke started wandering around the world, especially around Middle East and Central Asia. In 2011, he visited Syria and came across the first riot in Damascus, which occurred in the country said to be “out of the Arab Spring”, and in the very day he decided to leave the city. After leaving Syria, his next destination was Egypt, shaking from “Revolution”. At the time he was astonished by a large gap between [what is ACTUALLY taking place in the country ], and [How it is ACTUALLY reported in Japan]. These two incidents, occured in two countries, determined him to start to engage in Journalism about overseas.

He visited Iraqi Kurdistan and Egypt in 2013, and visited India–Bangladesh enclaves(“Chit Mohols”) in 2015.
He still wanders around the world depends on his feeling, and always is absorbed in each area.